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  • Contract Amendment Vote

    October Oct 2021

    The results for the Cleveland Cliffs Contract Amendment vote are as follows:

    Total Votes: 1075

    Yes Votes: 1005

    No Votes: 69

    Spoiled Ballots: 1

    Total Cleveland Cliffs memebers: 1825

    Percent Voted: 59%

  • Cleveland Cliffs Apprenticeship Informational Meetings

    September Sep 2021

    We will be having Apprenticeship Informational Meetings at the Union Hall on Tuesday, September 14th, for any Cleveland Cliffs employee interested in bidding on the Apprenticeship Programs.  We will have Instructors available for a question and answer session.  There will be 2 meetings: one at 1:00 pm and and one at 3:30 pm.  These meetings  will last approximately one hour.  

  • Cleveland-Cliffs 2nd Quarter Profit Sharing

    July Jul 2021

    Profit per ton was $108.43.  The profit sharing pool is determined by 7.5% of Profits between $10 and $50 per ton, and 10% of profits above $50 per ton.   For the 2nd quarter, the Middletown Works share of the profit sharing pool is $4,232,772.  This amount will be divided by all members on the basis of hours worked in the 2nd quarter (with a max of 520 hours).  Hours of S&A leave do not count toward profit sharing hours.  Our estimate for a person receiving the maximum profit sharing is between $2,100 and $2,400 (before taxes and deductions). Per our Collective Bargaining Agreement, profit sharing should be paid within 45 days of the end of the quarter.


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